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Linewize combines world-leading technology with world leaders in online safety education, IT administration, teaching and student safeguarding to help schools, students and families develop better digital habits and better communities.

With a hybrid cloud filter, classroom management, student safety monitoring, digital safety education and more, the company’s mission is to protect and support every child’s digital journey. In fact, Linewize protects more than 10 million students in more than 20,000 schools with more than 750,000 interventions per month – making them one of the most comprehensive student safety platforms in the world.

Linewize’s School Manager is an education-focused, cloud-managed, multi-OS supporting content filter that partners with existing web filters, locks in compliance and delegates with Linewize’s customizable content filtering software.

Built for today’s educational environment, the software filters all devices and browsers and provides support for all end-point operating systems, providing cost-effective optimal control. With flexible deployment options, native directory integration, Google and YouTube controls, reports and alerts for student wellbeing and more, Linewize is a leading choice for education-focused, cloud-managed web filtering for schools.

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