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NIST Assessment

Penetration Testing

If you are looking for ways to boost the security of your organization, penetration testing – an authorized simulated attack performed to evaluate a computer system’s security – should be included as part of any effective mitigation strategy. By using the same processes, techniques and tools as attackers to find, demonstrate or simulate attacks that could threaten an organization, penetration testing is an effective method of determining whether a network infrastructure is strong enough to withstand a range of cyberattacks.

At TREBRON, we’re pleased to offer penetration testing services to help ensure that your network end users are protected against the many methods of cyberattacks that malicious actors are using today. A robust penetration testing strategy is the best way to keep your network secure and identify new vulnerabilities as they arise.

Our penetration testing service includes the following project objectives:

  • Identify Vulnerabilities:
    Discover and document vulnerabilities in an organization’s external infrastructure, including web applications, network devices, servers and more.
  • Risk Assessment:
    Conduct a risk analysis of the identified vulnerabilities, taking into consideration factors such as the severity of each vulnerability, the potential impact and the likelihood of exploitation. 
  • Assess Security Controls and Posture:
    Evaluate the effectiveness of existing security controls policies and the procedures in place to protect against external threats.
  • Provide Recommendations:
    Offer recommendations and remediation guidance to address identified vulnerabilities and enhance the overall security posture.

If you think penetration testing would be beneficial to your organization and you would like to speak to our network experts about conducting a test of your existing infrastructure to better secure your organization in the event of a malicious event, contact us today for more information.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

The goal of penetration testing is to help an organization identify any weaknesses that cybercriminals could effectively exploit prior to a cyberattack. Since many businesses base their decisions on risk management, penetration testing provides a technical foundation for these companies to assess risk across their IT systems while providing assurance to partners, investors and customers that its security defenses are resilient. 

Several benefits of penetration testing include:

  • Find weaknesses in systems, networks and infrastructure
  • Test an organization’s cybersecurity response and the robustness of its controls
  • Support compliance with security and data privacy regulations
  • Provide quantitative and qualitative examples of current budget priorities and security posture for management

Deliverables & Outcomes

At the conclusion of our testing, our team will compile our findings into a complete, peer-reviewed report that is built to provide value to all levels in your organization. This report includes:

  • An executive summary of findings and overall risk assessment.  
  • Detailed information about identified vulnerabilities, including severity ratings.  
  • Remediation recommendations and best practices.  
  • Evidence of successful exploits (if any) to demonstrate the impact.  

Our team will be available for a review session to go over the report in detail and answer any questions that may arise as well as help build a plan to address any areas of concern uncovered during the test. Re-scans are also available and can be valuable to ensure and prove that any changes made have had a positive impact.

Ready to Protect Your Network?

Our penetration testing service takes a deeper look at your organization’s network infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities, network issues and human-based attacks such as phishing schemes. If you would like to learn more about the benefit of adding penetration testing to your existing mitigation strategy or you would like to speak with our team about your organization, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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